AmeriCorps Project Change Maryland welcomes you to our website and invite you to explore the various pages, to meet our 2018 team, our partners and our incredible training program with renowned faculty. A subsidiary of AmeriCorps, now in its 18th year, our philosophy is written in our name, CHANGE, which stands for “Collaboratively Helping America's Next Generations Emerge." To secure a future, it not only takes a village. It takes a county.

Presidential Beginnings

Created as part of President Bill Clinton's 1994 AmeriCorp program, Project Change Maryland was founded in 2001 as a collaboration of educational and community service agencies at work in Montgomery County, Maryland who share a mission of improving the quality of life for county residents. To learn more, click the link below,

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Become an agent of Change

Every year, Project Change welcomes a new wave of exciting and dynamic participants. Why not meet the class of 2017 at the link below. Also why not check out our Alumni section to meet previous years. These young men and women represent a diverse reflection of our state and aspire to give something back to the people of Maryland.

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Project CHANGE Updates

To get the very latest about what we are doing at Project Change, why not click the link below. Through this page and our social media formats, we will advertise what is happening with our program and our exciting new training course. We also have a calendar that can be synced to your email allowing us to provide you with reminders for our various events throughout the year.

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Think about a Year of Service -Apply Early

Project CHANGE-Serving Montgomery County MD for 17 years


1Project Change began in October 2001 as the collaboration of leading academic and service agencies at work in Montgomery County, Maryland. With them, CHANGE shares a mission of improving the quality of life for county residents with a particular emphasis on those in southern Silver Spring and a focus on education.

Our Director

2Paul Costello founded the Center for Narrative Studies (www.storywise.com) and is an international educator, pioneering narrative practice which  he studied under fellow Australian, Michael White, the father of narrative therapy.


3CHANGE, which stands for “Changing, Healing, Aspiring, Nurturing, Giving, Excelling” captures the spirit of the program

Our Partners

4Project Change is proud to work with partners who host our  AmeriCorps volunteers. Each of the partner sites provide quality work placements and first class supervision. Many of our partners employ former Project Change graduates that helps thicken the tradition and gives the work the feeling of family.

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