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AmeriCorps, often called America’s “Domestic Peace Corps,” was founded in 1993 by President Clinton. Each year, federal funds administered by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS)  are given to Maryland and distributed through the State’s Governor’s Office of Service and Volunteerism. (GOSV)  AmeriCorps members serve one-year assignments working for nonprofit organizations, and they receive a living stipend, health insurance, an education scholarship, training, and a life-enriching experience.

Project CHANGE  Montgomery began in October 2001 through the collaboration of leading academic and service agencies working in Montgomery County, Maryland. These founding partners shared a commitment to improve the quality of life for county residents, especially those most in need. With a geographic emphasis on southern Silver Spring, Project CHANGE  Montgomery uses the services of AmeriCorps members to enhance the programs and services provided by participating organizations. Project CHANGE members enable organizations to expand service offerings, improve delivery of care, run programs more efficiently, and reach a larger segment of the target population. CHANGE, which stands for “Collaboratively Helping America’s New Generations Emerge,” captures the spirit of the program. Our motto is “Getting things done and making an impact we can measure.”


Each year, AmeriCorps offers a broad range of opportunities for approximately 75,000 adults of all ages and backgrounds.  AmeriCorps members serve through a network of partnerships with local and national nonprofit groups. Some opportunities include:

  • Tutoring and mentoring disadvantaged youth to increase their academic engagement
  • Fighting illiteracy
  • Facilitating school group dialogues on race and ethnicity
  • Conducting after-school enrichment programs for students K-12


Eligibility:  To be eligible to enroll in AmeriCorps, an individual must be a U.S. citizen or U.S. national or a lawful permanent resident alien of the U.S., be at least 18 years old, and have a high school diploma or GED.  Individuals who are in the U.S. under a student, work, or tourist visa are not eligible.


  • Living Allowance: Full Time $17,000 Half Time $8,500
  • Education Award: $5,920 which can be used to repay qualified student loans, to pay for current cost of school attendance, or to pay for expenses incurred in participating in an approved school-to-work program.
  • Health Insurance: Available for all members who do not have adequate health care coverage at the time of enrollment or who lose coverage due to participation in the program.
  • Training: Members participate in regular professional and personal training sessions that introduce an innovative narrative approach to education, covering topics such as storytelling, mindfulness, peer to peer coaching, mediation, leadership, facilitating difficult conversations on issues of race, organization and time management skills, CPR and First Aid, Financial Literacy etc.
  • Child Care: for a member whose family is income eligible; the caregiver must be considered a legal provider in the state.

Length of Service

  • Full-time members……….1700 hours of participation Part-time members………….900 hours of participation


  • Gandhi Brigade: Provides training to disadvantaged youth in film and documentary making. Members facilitate the planning and the delivery of this creative work. Applicants must have experience in video/film arts. ( Two Full Time Members)
  • George B. Thomas, Sr. Learning Academy: Provides Saturday School for 3000 students in Montgomery County, mostly from minority backgrounds. The AmeriCorps member works directly with students in this program and during the week, with students at Blair High School in the ACES program. (One half time member)
  • Hospice Caring: Provides support services to children grieving the death of a loved one. The AmeriCorps member helps to coordinate and facilitate the Good Grief Clubs for students and weekend camps. ( One Full time member)
  • Montgomery County Public Schools: Two  full-time members will be supporting Gaithersburg High School teachers who run the METS/ESOL programs for students who are struggling to catch up to their age appropriate level of education. (Two Full Time Members)
  • Montgomery County Public Schools:A part time member will support the Dual Language Program (English-Spanish) at Kemp Mills Elementary School. The member will work with students in mathematics/science related classes to students grade 3-5. The member must be fluent in Spanish. (Half time member)
  • Montgomery County Public SchoolsCREA Program:Member serves at Thomas Edison School of Technology in the CREA program, Career Readiness and Education Academy- serving 18-21 year old students who have not been able to complete or pass their High School Certificate. (One Full Time Member)
  • Montgomery Housing Partnership: Provides after school programs for students primarily from immigrant families. The AmeriCorps members help coordinate and supervise preschool and after-school programs. ( Four Full Time members)
  • YMCA Youth and Family Services: Coordinates after school programs for kids K-12, and where members serve as program coordinators at various high schools and communities with a high population of disadvantaged students. (One Full Time Member)
  • ClancyWorks Dance CompanyMember will deliver training in dance to after school programs working with disadvantaged K-12 kids and contribute to Clancy Dance performances. Member must be an experienced dancer. (One Full Time Member)
  • Community BridgesCommunity Bridges empowers girls from diverse backgrounds to become exceptional students, positive leaders, and healthy young women. They address the developmental needs of immigrant and minority girls and their families living at or below the federal poverty level in Montgomery County, Maryland. ( Three Full Time Members)
  • Maryland Project Change OlneyProject Change is looking for a full time member to assist the director in all aspects of Service learning across 8 different school sites, recruiting, training, planning and running lunch time and after school clubs focused on Social Justice issues. An excellent opportuniy for anyone wanting to see the full range of activities of a non profit serving and inspiring youth.
  • Lead4Life-One full time member will assist the outreach coordinator working with 16-21 year old detached and homeless youth and helping expand the services in the Silver Spring area.

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